quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

A strange and good sensation

Tá feito. Decisão tomada, não tenho mais para onde fugir.
A sensação de desafio é boa, gostosa, tá mexendo comigo de dentro pra fora.
Eu sei. Eu sinto.
Chegou a minha vez. Não vou desistir. Essa é a minha hora.

Boa sorte pra mim.

ps: Desculpem a ausência, meu motivo é forte.

quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Nothing's enough

It's how I feel all the time.
I forget that there are a lot of people that are worse than me
That I don't forget my dreams...
And I still following them...

Wake up
Don't lose your time.
Don't let your nightmares put you down.
You know your skills.
You know.

quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2009

Jim's overdose

"Unhappy girl,
Left all alone
Playing solitaire
Playing warden to your soul
You are locked in a prison
Of your own
And you can't believe
What it does to me,
To see you

Unhappy girl,
Tear your web away
Saw thru all your bars
Melt your cell today
You are caught
in a prison
of your own

Unhappy girl,
Fly fast away
Don't miss your chance
To swim in mystery
You are dying
in a prison
Of your own

I just can't resist. It's what I'm feeling, he can read my soul. I'll let him dive deeply.