segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

I say hey... what's going on

Ohh Goodness!
I'm complety flattered by the way my life
gets much easier just because of my youth...
As I am still in the best years of my existence
It worths the worry the thought that nothing lasts forever
And every day I get closer to my death!

Oh Lord!
Please come back before my skin starts getting older
and before the time people stop laughing at me on the streets

Yet, convince me that all of these struggle and faith
are not a gift from these early years of hapiness
How long I spent worring 'bout how they think of me!
But I just do not worry anymore
Don't allow him closing my eyes...

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Marie Cruz disse...

Te seguiiiindo...\o/

Bj Daysosa...Saudades!

Dayse. disse...

valewws Mari!